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Patching Windows Core Servers

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Good day all

I have a range of production servers that are windows 2016 Core Only (Server Standard x64 Edition  Build 14393) - when I try and Patch scan them I get this error

3:04:07 pm 23-Mar-18 WUA Patch Scan 2 Processing patch scan results for servername failed. 

Anybody seem this or know a fix to get patch management to work on Windows 2012 and 2016 Core Servers

Appreciate your assistance

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  • helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../229011008-Processing-Patch-Scan-Results-Failed

  • Hi Combo

    Thank you for the suggested link I can confirm in my case this resolved the issue for me on a Server 2016 Core server.

    In my case my ptchscn2.xml file showed the following process....<<PROCESS>>: cscript.exe"/>



  • Great. I'm guessing you ran Windows Updates through the sconfig utility at some point? That runs a script file to do the update checking and downloading hence you see cscript.exe (the scripting host) in your log. There is absolutely nothing wrong with applying updates this way generally but Kaseya in their infinite wisdom has hard-coded their scanning application to refuse to process scan results if *any* other scanning process was used in the past except for their own dll or the native WU/AU handler.