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Patch Detection & Installation Issues

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I've been running patch management through Policy Management.  I've setup a patch policy, approved patches, and setup a scan and install schedule but it seems Patch Management isn't detecting missed patches when its scanning or installing missing patches.

I've ran a scan a couple times this week on a computer and it detected no new patches... I decided to do a manual update from the computer itself and it found 4 new patches and began installing them.  Also windows is alerting that it's out of date on windows updates from the notification center.  At this time I'm only managing Windows 10 devices.  Is this expected with Windows 10 due to all the creative updates or am I missing something?

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  • Anything?  Anyone?

  • Hi try checking your membership settings maybe that's what's failing you.
  • some of the patches that are being scanned for that machine could be on the ignore list.

    check yours to see how this is set up

    then go to

    then check the computer to see if anything is showing up