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What makes a machine "Attached to Patch Management"?

  • We're looking to switch over to Software Management so we can get third party patching done too and my test machine which had been being patched by PM is now in SM with that check marked. I suspect if the machine has any piece of patch management assigned, even just scanning its going to been seen as attached and since our policy for scanning is based on an "all windows servers" view that with out changing the current policies affecting all machines I'm going to see this conflict in Software Management.

    Can any say for sure what triggers Kaseya SM to see a machine as "Attached to Patch Management" before I start hacking at these all server policies?

  • Following, as I will be grabbing a trial of SM to test! Same boat as you wanting to get into third party patching and all my machines are running under PM policies.

  • If your machine is associated with a patch profile or a scan schedule, it will be reported as "Attached to Patch Policy".

    In Patch Management - check the following and clear as necessary:

    Manage Machines / Scan Machine - Next Scan should be "Not Scheduled"

    Patch Policy / Membership - Policy Membership should be empty.

    These are the two most common settings that affect migration to Software Management.