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Patch installation is taking long time.

  • Hi,

    Could anybody know how to do patching in very less time through kaseya vsa 9.4 I put around 80 Pcs last night for patching through Automatic Update of Kaseya and though there are 5-6 patches per PCs still patching was going on until morning and many Pcs were stuck on Pending status. I had to terminate the patching as I did not want any user pcs to get updated in working hours.

    I have done the Patch test and result was tested for the File share and credentials etc. My question are:

    1. How long an Automatic update of kaseya takes to complete a schedule? I scheduled patch updates every Monday night and want it to be terminate by next       morning before 9 am automatically is it possible? 

    2. How to get a single report of the patches scheduled with installed /still pending/ failed status.


    Atul Kumar

  • Well , the whole world is suddenly patching like mad, to protect themselves from WannaCry and similar threats using a SMB leak. You'll find doing this directly on amchine also takes a lot of time at the moment.

    We are in the Netherlands and yesterday when the States came online things slowed to a crawl. And before that it wasn't exactly fast.

    That being said, Kaseya isn't exactly fast when it comes to patching. The overhead we see means patching takes about 2 times longer, compared to doing it directly on a machine, using Windows Update.

    A lot of machines have now been patched to cope with the threat and patching speeds will get to normal before long...