We use Automatic Update and we want to enable 'Skip if offline', so that the machines will not start updating when an agent comes online after have been offline for whatever reason.

The thing is that we have already setup the Automatic Update for a lot of machines and we only want to enable 'Skip if offline'. The problem is that when you press 'Schedule' so that we can enable 'Skip if offline, the "Run at' shows the time of when we press 'Schedule' and no the time that was initially configured.

For example, I have setup 10 machines for automatic update every Sunday 2 AM but I didn't enable 'Skip if offline' for those machines.
If I want to enable 'Skip if offline' I have to select the 10 machines and press 'Schedule', but the system is not preserving the already scheduled 'Run at' time of 2 AM, the 'Run at' just shows the time we pressed the 'Schedule' button, so I have to change the 'Run at' back to 2 AM.

We would like to see that we can edit an existing schedule with preservation of the initially configured 'Run At' time.