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Blocking Windows 10 Creators Update?

  • Does anyone have a clue how to block this?

    I have a client that told me *today* that it will break their booking system.

    I can't find anything - my Google-fu has failed me :-(

  • I'm interested in this also. I think it is a manual update, but I would like to ability to block it from downloading even if a user were to initiate it.

  • My understanding is that this will be released as a standard windows update this month. So, I would think that blocking it in Patch profile should stop it from auto downloading ....not sure about manual installs though.

  • I also just saw this "This tool does not support Enterprise editions." I would say that means it will not be available on win 10 enterprise.

  • I'm almost certain it will be re-released as KB3012973 (Feature Update to Windows 10) - certainly that's the KB number they have used for every Windows 10 upgrade so far, expiring and re-issuing the KB as new Windows 10 builds have become available.

    You can use the KB override function to prevent Kaseya from attempting the upgrade, though in any case the upgrade won't work with Kaseya's current patch management approach as it's not a simple .msu or .exe that Kaseya can process.

    In terms of blocking 'manual' upgrade approaches -

    1. If your end users are administrators they will be able to download and run the 'upgrade assistant' (assuming they are running Windows 10 / Windows 10 Pro). You may be able to use Kaseya's 'application blocker' or other software restriction policy to prevent them from running it, but if they are determined they will find a way.

    2. To prevent users from running Windows Update 'check for updates' to get the upgrade look into the GPO setting 'Remove access to use all Windows Update features'. I believe this policy only became available with the Anniversary Update (1607, or build 14393), so hopefully your Windows 10 machines are already running that build. http://winaero.com/blog/windows-10-build-14931-comes-with-an-updated-windows-update-group-policy/- 

    3. If point 2 won't work for you - I presume that if you use the Windows 10 Professional GPO / registry settings to 'defer' the feature upgrade this will prevent it from upgrading for at least the nominated deferral period, which buys you time to sort out compatibility with the software vendor.

  • The UpStream people have released a Kaseya script: en.upstream.se/.../block-windows-10-creators-update-with-kaseya

    If you've not yet seen their stuff, take a look. They are awesome people.

  • Thank you Lothario. I'm the main author of Upstream Kaseya Power Pack. I was just about to update this thread. Please give us feedback as it is tricky to fool Windows 10. Setting the CCB Service Branch is the best approach I think delaying the updates 4 months. Look at the registry file and the blog post we provide.

    [edited by: Ronny Tunfjord at 11:29 PM (GMT -7) on Apr 13, 2017]
  • We shall see how it goes :-)

    Ronny, you guys have really made some great stuff that makes life easier. Have a Gold Star!

  • Yeah Ronnie. A great set of tools and utils.


    I service a number of domestic users who ARE using Home editions.

    Any hope for them here ?

  • Microsoft really sees Windows 10 Home users as their guinea pigs, testing the updates before they get pushed to business customers, hence there is no supported method to postpone updates on Windows 10 Home. They claim this as a security feature, which has at least some element of truth to it.

    www.microsoft.com/.../windows-10-specifications - "Windows 10 Home users will receive updates from Windows Update automatically when it's available. Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise users will have the ability to postpone updates. The amount of time that Windows 10 Pro users can postpone updates is limited."

    That said - as a short-term workaround I believe setting network connections to 'metered' can delay or prevent updates from taking place. Longer term - Windows 10 Home users who genuinely need control over updates ought to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, it's easy and relatively inexpensive.

  • Strange thing. I have several clients with the Pro version and WAU = 'Automatic Update not supported.'

    Operating System 10

    OS Version Professional x64 Edition Build 14393

    Agent Version 9030018

  • Hey (btw a very Dutch name, the village with that name is just 10 miles from here).

    This is a non-consistent issue we're seeing as well and have for months. We have seen this appear on 2 identical machines, freshly installed. One will report this error, the other won't. The ticket I opened, about 6 months ago, is still open and tells me Microsoft is talking to Kaseya about it... I don't expect much from that angle.

    We are testing with the new 9.4 Software Management tool to see if that's better. The Creators update should make life easier, introducing extra settings and options for Patch Management. I'm just about to update my notebook to see what it'll bring me.

  • Hi,

    You can block this by simply turning off Windows Update. If you are using Windows 10 Profession, Enterprise or Education edition then you can block Windows Update by Local Group Policy Editor.

    If you are using a Home edition then you can do this with a Metered Connection method.

    Both these methods are mentioned on this website in great detail.


    Try any of the above 2 methods as per your Windows 10 edition and you will be successfully able to block Creator update on your pc.


    Tony John

  • Why don't you create a new patch policy in your VSA by naming it "No Update" or something you like.

    Now auto Deny all patches landing to this policy.

    put your Win10 machines to this policy group.

    Let Microsoft release any number of update for Windows 10 nothing will get installed.

    Hope that will work for you. Let me know if you need further help with this.