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Windows 10 machines - Patch Management - Configure - Windows Auto Update

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      Our customers have started to roll out Windows 10 machines. I am starting to notice that under Auto Update I am seeing this message for all the win 10 machines. "ettings available after next patch scan" I have the patch scan set to run every hour and it is showing these machines have been scanned. However when I look at the history there is no scan history  so I doubt these machines are getting there updates when pushed out.

    Any suggestions?  If I place a w7 or w8.1 machine on the network and add to Kaseya they show up just fine. I have tried turning firewalls of and on and still nothing.



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    What version of VSA are you running?  Win 10 is not fully supported before R9.2.

  • Any word on this.  I too am seeing the same behavior.  

    Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit.

    Kaseya VSA version

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    If you're running 9.2 and seeing this on Win10 devices, please open a ticket at helpdesk.kaseya.com.  This indicates the scans are not completing properly, and the cause of that can vary significantly.  Support will need to investigate the cause to provide resolution.  This same behavior can occur on other OSs, so it is not specific to Win10.  However, the original post did not provide the VSA version, and as Win10 is not fully supported until 9.2, the underlying cause could be different for prior VSA versions.

  • I was told by Kaseya support that once we do our upgrade this weekend to 9.2  that "Windows 10" will be supported with the exception of Patching. There is a queue they will place my ticket into. The reason is supposedly they are waiting for Microsoft and Kaseya to resolve how patching will take place. So if it isn't working for you know I would contact support and open a ticket.

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    VSA 9.2 supports Windows 10, including Patch Management functions.  Microsoft HAS changed the way they patch Win10 devices.  As MS now views the Win10 OS as a service, they patch the service as they deem necessary.  Kaseya-invoked patch discovery (scan), installs, etc. work for Win10 as they do with any other supported OS.  Patches can still be approved for installation upon discovery or can be marked as Denied.  However, a patch that is denied by patch policy might be automatically installed by MS as MS deems necessary.  That install might be delayed - if you deny a patch but it is not a patch required by MS, it will be blocked from install via Kaseya.  Once MS elevates the patch to Required, it will be automatically installed by the OS. Third parties such as Kaseya cannot override this function at this time.   Additionally, if the end user opens Control Panel > Windows Update  and clicks the "Scan Now" button, the patches will be discovered AND installed by the OS (other operating systems discover but do not automatically install during a manual "Scan Now".