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Foreign language patches appearing in pending approval

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I just popped over to review patches pending approval.  There are a bunch of English (UK), German, & Portuguese patches.  Both old and new.

While not unbelievable, it's strange to me that they're all appearing at once.  Anyone else see anything similar?

Is there a way to work backward from a patch number to find out which endpoints need it?


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    A machine (or machines) in your environment is reporting a need for these foreign-language patches based on  a patch scan.  A scan ran, one (or multiple) machine(s) discovered the "need" for the patch, and the patches became populated into your VSA.  I recommend you determine which machine(s) need these foreign-language patches and understand why they machines are running a product (usually the OS) which has a non-English pack/version installed.   The patch discovery process is described here:  helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../34313326

    To figure out which endpoint(s) are reporting the need for the patch, visit the Patch Update page, locate the specific patch (or patches), and click on the Machines... button.  This will reveal a list of all machines which are reporting the patch in question.  You may need to uncheck the two boxes at the top of the Patch Update page to reveal the full list of patches/machines.