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Question regarding Reboot action on workstations

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We are currently looking to overhaul how we managed customer systems in Kaseya including Patch Management.  I am currently working on those changes but had a question regarding the Reboot Action for Patch Management.  

For our customer's workstations we want to set the Reboot action to "If user logged in ask to reboot every x minutes until the reboot occurs.  Reboot if user not logged in" where x is 240 minutes (4 hours).  I have 2 questions:

1)  From what I have seen the max timeframe for the reboot notification is 60 minutes.  Is there any way to extend this to 4 hours (240 minutes)?

2)  If a user leaves their system logged in over a weekend, will there only be one pop up asking to reboot or will there be one for every notification interval?

3)  Does leaving a systems locked change how the reboot action works?

Thank you,

Sal DiPietro

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    1.  There is no supported way to change the max window beyond 60 min on Patch Mgmt > Reboot Action.

    2.  Unless something unexpected has changed, the machine should display just one pop-up.  The user should not return to multiple windows - the notification process will trigger at each interval (visible in the Agent Procedure Log), but the user experience would be to see just a single dialog.  I have not tested this specific behavior in quite some time, but don't believe any intended changes have been which would affect this behavior.  If it is critical you to be certain about the current behavior, I recommend you test on a machine by setting the nag to a short duration (5 min) and observing.  

    3.  Locked/unlocked does not affect Reboot Action; however, Reboot Action relies on kausrtsk.exe.  If this process is running, Kaseya will recognize a logged in user and behave appropriately (actual behavior depends on which option you select).  Therefore, a locked workstation which has kausrtsk.exe running will appear with a "user logged in" icon in the VSA (either the blue or yellow circle with a head, depending on length of inactivity) and the Reboot Action would follow the "If user logged in" logic.  If the machine is locked but kausrtsk.exe is not running, the agent will appear as a green circle (assuming the machine is checking in) indicating no logged in user, and Reboot Action will follow the ELSE logic path (either Reboot Immediately or Do Nothing, depending on your Reboot Action configuration). The above is also true if the machine is UNlocked but kausrtsk.exe is not running.