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Windows Patching Taking Extremely Long

  • Hello All,

    We just recently switched over from LabTech to Kaseya solely because of patching efficiency.  We patch each of our clients via a created patch policy and assigned it to the appropriate group. We patched two clients over the last two weekends (One client per weekend) with about 20-30 machines and the amount of patches to install ranged from 10-40 Max. We started Friday night and the last machine finished patching Monday morning! Our distribution window was set to 20 minutes so each machine can start patching quickly. One of our clients has Cisco FW and the other one has Sonicwall. The only similarity between the two clients is the AV installed which is Webroot. 

    Under Agent Logs, we noticed we received a vast amount of Timeout errors "ERROR: keep-alive in doClientTasks() call to kascSend failed with error -12" "ERROR: kascSend failed with error -12 in checkFileWithServer while processing c:\srmm\KMonitorsets\KMON$1233.xml" during the patching window which could be related to the AV, Firewall or Kaseya. Has anyone else experienced issues in regards to extreme delays in patching? I'm sure using Kaseya will be slower than manual patching, however two days to install 30 patches using software seems very unlikely.  

    Note: Webroot does not have the open to exclude files and folders and we are running our own Kaseya server.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The amount of time patch processes can take will vary significantly depending on the specific configuration.  This is a topic that has been covered several times in the forum.  One recent thread is here:  community.kaseya.com/.../97851.aspx.  This KB may also provide some insight:  https://kaseya.zendesk.com/entries/88837168.

    If you find that your situation is not explained by the info in that thread, I recommend opening a ticket with Support (helpdesk.kaseya.com) so they can look into your specific configuraiton and determine if there are other contributing factors either with your configuration or, possibly, the environment.

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