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is there a way to get a patch scan to run before automatic update runs?

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currently we have servers set up to run a patch scan every 6 days. the idea is that this will run on the server sometime between us approving the patches for our tiers and the day/time the server is scheduled to patch.

i've found that it can occasionally get out of sync causing the servers to be behind a week. i'm also curious to know if this would benefit or hurt the scheduler, doing it this way.

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  • Brande is the expert at Patch Management and I am sure she will chime in with her expertise.

    You can actually execute the Patch Scan system procedure via Agent Procedures; System Cabinet > 4 Other Tools and Utility Procedures > Run Now System Scripts > Patch Scan.

    If you want to get froggy and use automation further - Include that procedure in the pre/post option of automatic update (Pre in your case).

  • Very interested in hearing the perspective. I think you even somewhat answered my question as a possible way to do it.

    while i do see the agent procedure where you listed it would be, when i go to Patch Management>Mange Machines> Pre/Post Procedure>>then 'select agent procedure' to run before automatic update that system script does not show up in the list of available procedures.

    i am under the 'Master' role/scope but still unsure why it would show up

  • That specific function may not have visibility to the cabinets.  In that case, I would copy that procedure from the System cabinet into your personal AP folder and it should display on the pre/post procedure feature.