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Automating patch approval filtering

  • I've got several patch policies that exclude various versions of .NET and IE.

    Every month I go in and filter the Pending patches to identify anything new, and deny them.

    Is there a way to automate this? It's a pretty simple task:

    1. Get all Pending Approval patches for %PatchPolicy%
    2. Deny all patches matching %filter%

    I obviously don't see a way within Kaseya to do this, so I'm wondering more if this would be easy to do with the API and run an automated script each week to capture any new patches.

  • Have you tried switching your Policy View / Group By: from Classification to Product?

    That should allow you to exclude specific products from specific policies.

    (Upper right hand corner of the Approval by Policy table)

    [edited by: ghanssen at 12:08 PM (GMT -7) on Sep 17, 2015]