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New Customer - Many Machines not Reporting Patch Status

  • I just onboarded a new customer, more than half of their computers do not report any patch status in Kaseya.  I have ran into Kaseya where one or two machines do not report patch status and it's usually fixed by simply running Windows Update and letting install the latest MS Update software or running a force re-install with the MS Update installer.  In this case that did not work.  The odd thing in this case is that other management software I have on the machines reports the patch status correctly.  Also, I can remote into the machines, run MS Update and the patch status is reported correctly.

    Any idea why these machines aren't reporting patch status in Kaseya?


  • You have to run a patch scan before the patch status will show up...have you successfully run patch scans on all machines?

    Also it takes a few minutes after the patch scan procedure runs before the results show up...longer if your Kaseya SQL database is slow/overloaded. Hows your SQL load?

  • Also look in C:\Windows\windowsupdate.log for errors.

    If you get error 80248014 stop Windows Update Service, remove c:\windows\softwaredistribution and start the service again.

    If you get error 8007000E:  Look at the following Microsoft blog: http://blogs.technet.com/b/configurationmgr/archive/2015/04/15/support-tip-configmgr-2012-update-scan-fails-and-causes-incorrect-compliance-status.aspx

    This error i hard to fix as the number of patches cause an out of memory issue in Windows Update Agent, but Kaseya might be able to help by cleaning out superseeded patches from Kaseya. Dont know if this is even possible though...

    And look in this troubleshooting document: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../33782016-Troubleshooting-failed-patch-installs-and-failed-patch-scans-and-incorrect-data-on-Patch-Status-page

    In short:

    - Windows update service and BITS service needs to run

    - Make sure the computers either have direct access to internet or configure the proxy according to the document above.

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  • All, thanks for the suggestion.  I found that the problem was related to the Zenith software that was installed by the previous MSP.  Here's the fix: