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Automatic Update - failed patches

  • From time to time we notice that some updates on clients and servers fails to install. When "Patch Alert" on "Patch install fails" triggers you are presented with the following message.

    The patch file probably failed to download. Uncheck "Delete package after install" and schedule the patch again. Verify the following
    1. Check that the hard disk is not full.
    2. If downloading from the internet, verify the connection from this machine to microsoft.com is not blocked.
    3. Be sure curl-nossl.exe is not prevented from executing (by a security program).

    If you have verified this. And the update installs fine when manually installed via Windows update. Is there any way to troubleshoot why the update fails to install?

    I some cases the updates contains "user interaction steps". But we are seeing some ordinary updates failing aswell.

    How do you handle theese scenarios. And do you have any more steps to troubleshoot failed patches via Auto update?

  • I have found this KB article to be very helpful when troubleshooting.

    I would say that most of the time it is one of three things.

    1) Firewall or content filtering blocking technology. These are usually denying access to the appropriate sites.

    2) The user stops the services on the machine or the services are not started.

    3) The files in the software distribution folder are corrupt.

    Those are typically the main culprits, check those first and if none of those, it's time to break out the deeper troubleshooting skills. :D