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Patch Management Reboot in X minutes setting

  • I have a rather urgent issue since I just rolled out new patching policies to a few clients.  We have a policy similar to the built in where if a machine requires more than 10 patches it will prompt user to reboot every 60 minutes if they are logged in.  This worked fine for two days but after approximately 48 hours if the user had not rebooted the box would pop up every 30-60 seconds until reboot.  I experienced this on my own machine and another in our office so saw it first hand.  Is this by design in the system or is something wrong with this setting within the system?  I realize that we selected this option to force users to reboot after patching and 48 hours later is a bit much but still can't have it popping up every 30-60 seconds regardless.  Have others seen this and anyone know if this is built into the system?  If it is, I have to determine a way around it.


    Toni Giesler

  • We are experiencing the same issue, some client computer are restarting up to 3 times after rolling out updates?