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Delaying patch install

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I have my patches set to install biweekly at night which works well for desktop users who leave their computer on but logged off.  This doesn't work well for those who have laptops that are offline at the time of the scheduled updates.  When they turn on their laptop to work the next morning their computer runs sometimes runs at a snail's pace.

How can I allow the users to defer the installation process?  I know that they can defer the reboot process but that's not enough.

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  • Search through the procedures, there's an If statment that ask a question Yes or No

    have that run pre-patching which would prompt the user before patching to allow or deny. From there you can even log username and time for deny or accept so that you can show the customer that the uesers are not accepting patching when their pc is out of compliance for patching.

    This option gives the users the option to allow patching or not depending on what they're doing at that time. So you could essentially patch in the middle of the day for laptops when they're on-line.

    The other option is to use the windows update tool but then you can't control patch approval/deny.

  • I'm referring to the Windows Updates that are built in to Kaseya.  I had a user who wasn't getting Windows 7 SP1 pushed down automatically for a long time and all of a sudden it decided to push it down.  It made his PC useless for hours.  For those who don't have their PC on at night when the Windows patches are pushed by Kaseya.  I would like a prompt in the morning when they turn it on that patches are scheduled and give them the option to defer a few times before forcing it on them.

    I hope that I was able to make my point clearer.