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Patch Management moved from the core VSA to a new add-on module

  • Patch Management is being moved out of the VSA 6.3 core installation and will be created via a separate Patch Management add-on module.  Making Patch Management 2.0 a separate add-on enables us to modify Patch Management and deploy future functionality separate from core version releases of the VSA.  Patch Management 2.0 is applicable to VSA versions 6.3 forward.  Other modules of functionality will be created as add-ons; currently targeting Monitoring and Quickview as subsequent add-ons.

    The Patch Management 2.0 add on will be a required add-on when Kinstall is run.  Kinstall will not proceed unless the Patch Management 2.0 add-on module is selected.  There is no new functionality with Patch Management 2.0 outside of making Patch Management an add-on.  Patch Management 2.0 is simply moved out of the core VSA installation. 

    To receive Patch Management hotfixes, you must upgrade your 6.3 VSA to the Patch Management 2.0 add-on via Kinstall.  Patch hotfixes will no longer be posted for core VSA 6.3.   

    The next version of Patch will contain Mac patch management and utilization of WSUS file store as we discussed at Kaseya Connect.  When that version is ready, it will be installed using Kinstall and selecting to upgrade the Patch Management 2.0 module.

    Patch Management Team

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  • After we run this update will any of our Patch Management settings/configurations be affected? I configure all my patch management through policy management, do i need to make any changes?

  • No - all settings/configurations remain the same.  The add-on move is transparent; your endpoints will continue to be patched as if nothing has changed.

  • Is this ready now?

    Or sometime in the future?

  • Now.  If you run Kinstall; you will see Patch Management 2.0 show up as a mandatory installable add on.

  • @s-brackett - Does this change affect VSA 6.2 in any way?

  • Will I need to re-configure custom permissions for my VSA Admins after this update is installed?

  • no - only works thru kinstall on VSA 6.3 forward

  • No - no changes of any kind necessary

  • We noticed the Patch Management is now picking up device drivers suggested by Windows Update as well (it never did this before) and these installs are FAILING ....

  • NO - it's only if you have 6.3 or are upgrading to 6.3

  • This was an inadvertent inclusion of future functionality into a hotfix.  We have removed the inclusion of drivers in the patch scan results in the most recent hotfix.  After this hotfix is applied; you will no longer see drivers in the scan results (driver notification will be included the forthcoming version of Patch)

  • When will SAAS customers see these changes? We're seriously considering moving away from Kaseya for numerous reasons, but the addition of Mac patch management, if it actually functions properly, may persuade us to stick it out for awhile longer.

  • Patch 2.0 in SaaS should be completed by this weekend (6.22) maintenance window.  Mac Patch management will be included as part of the next release Patch 2.1 available by years end

  • Can anyone confirm they have successfully installed this new module?