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AVG and IE10 Issue?

  • Been having a lot of trouble with the AVG add on and IE10. The addon, when enabled slows the browser down and freezes it up.  Once the addon is disabled, the Browser works beautifully.. This just started occurring after IE 10 update was released last Friday.

    Anyone else Experiencing this? Any solutions that can be made centrally as opposed to remoting into every single machine to solve?

    Thanks much!


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  • We are experiencing the same issue on a number of endpoints.  Confirmed that disabling the addon resolves the issue.  We are running KES.  



  • I got a ticket with Kaseya on this. Will update this when I get in touch with them.

  • Kaseya had me send the logs files from an offending machine to AVG. In their own words, the reply was

    "I am going to assign this ticket to our AVG Support team so they can continue on with the investigation. We will keep you posted of any further developments regarding this ticket."

    Waiting on AVG I Presume.

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  • JonathanMacAlpine

    Patience is  a virtue, posses it if you can, often found in woman, rarely found in man!


    Lol, that's awesome!

  • Here is the official word I received from AVG and Kaseya. The first quote below is from Kaseya, and the second is from AVG support.


    " Hi Jonathan,

    As per my post on March 21st, AVG advised that you uninstall or disable the Search Add-On as AVG said that feature was terminated. Unfortunately, we have no way of deleting such a thing from Kaseya, this will have to be done manually.


    Support Specialist"


    "The AVG addon in browsers does nothing. The verdict icons that were shown next to search results are gone for good. This feature was terminated long time ago. The addon is there just to inform users about it. The customer can disable/uninstall it if they want."

    Well I guess that is the end of that support Ticket.. Now to find a way to solve it myself..