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Patch Status error > The Windows service WUAUSERV (Automatic Updates/Windows Update) was not running

  • Anyone else getting this error on their Patch Status screen? It comes up for about half our machines, but whenever we check them, the Windows Update service is running fine. Anyone got a solution?
  • I've been seeing that to...If you do a rescan it usually seems to make the error go away

  • That notification is new to 6.3 and is a result of a failed Services Pre-check which will run prior to most patch processes, including a patch test.  The results are static.  If the service is not in a Started state when the patch test last ran, then the notification will appear.  If the service has since started (between the time the patch test checked the status and the time that you check the service state on the machine), the notification will still be present because the system has not been requested to re-check the status of the service.  Running a new patch test will remove the notification, provided the service is running/started at the time of the new patch test.  A patch scan or patch installation cycle can also clear this notification as the service pre-check runs as part of these processes.

    Recognizing that there are instances where the service may not have had an opportunity to auto-start, we are looking at improving this notification to allow for delayed start of this service.  In some instances where the service is set to a Start Automatically (Delayed), and where patch process is queued (for example, a process is scheduled, the machine is offline at the time of the scheduled execution, and "Skip if Offline" is not enabled), the pre-check may test the service status as the machine comes online but before the OS has auto-started the service.  Enhancements to allow for re-checking of the service before the failure notification to account for situations as I've described above.  

    To clarify for anyone reading unfamiliar with Kaseya's patch infrastructure, this notification applies to the Windows Service "wuauserv", not to the client "Windows Update".  These are described in KKB000895.

  • Thanks for the explanation. My patch scans are scheduled for 10:00-12:00 AM so almost all machines that will be turned on that day, have been on for at least an hour.

    That's why it seemed a bit strange that so many of our machines had this error, all services should have started by then. I might set up a service check for a few machines and see if it reports the service as down around the time the patch scan is scheduled.

  • I found the problem on my machines. As I'm using the SAAS instance and the server is of course in a different timezone, the schedule was off by 8 hours, resulting in the clients trying to scan at night. Then when they were turned on in the morning they executed the scan.

    I was positive the schedules were during the day last time I looked at them though.

  • Nick,

    There is a known issues with Timezones since 6.3 update

  • Brande,

    You mentioned that Kaseya was working to enhance this functionality to all for a re-check to help avoid this.  Has any progress been made on this?

    We send automated patch status reports to our clients, so while I and my co-workers understand why this is happening, I am afraid my clients will be scared by the bright red error message.


  • I solved this error on our systems.

    I enabled the Windows update service to startup automatically on login on the machines that showed this error, and in so doing the BIG RED error leaves...

    Hope this helps.


  • I just ran some test patch reports and to my (pleasant) surprise, the error message is not listed on report.  That eases my worry on that.

    I have changed some Windows 8/2012 machines to start automatically to correct the problem.  I seem to get the error most in the situation described by Brande, the machine was offline, when it comes online, patch scan tries to run before WUA service is started.  He had mentioned a possible fix for this.

  • eperson,

    The services re-check I mentioned earlier is something that will be included in an upcoming release; it isn't something that we''ll hotfixed out.  Any of the notifications that appear on the Patch Status page won't appear on the reports (unless you're specifically reporting on those errors), and running a patch test or scan will clear the notification, provided the agent is online.  For admins, that isn't necessarily a concern, but if you were to present a client with data regarding patch that did include this notification, run a patch test or scan prior to generating the report/providing a screenshot (whatever data is being provided) to 'tidy up before the guests arrive'.