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Duplicate compusters listed in Patch management FIle Source and a strange error message

  • First of, look at the picture. COmputers shows as duplicates, but only in the file source tab.This occurred when i set a file source configuration on a computer. I have confirmed they are exactly the same in the Gui.

    Secondly: Why do i get the error message: "The UNC path and/or local directory differ from that reported by Audit - Disk Shares. Please verify the UNC path and local directory!"
    See the audit picture below, it's correct as i can se as it has always been. I've given everyone read/write access to the diskshare/path to troubleshoot this issue. And yes the local path is c:\share\Kaseya\Patches

  • Oh and another funny issue. Since the duplicate computer: everything i schedule to do is scheduled twice. Nice...

  • Hello Andreas,

    I have updated your support ticket on this issue - we will get this to our Engineering team to review and investigate for you.


    Wayne, Kaseya Support

  • Thank you, I can see now that all computers that have this file source option set has a duplicated record.

  • wishdale,

    Regarding your question about the file source location notification (that it does not match with audit), the notification has fired appropriately.  If you check the audit screenshot you've provided, the share name is "Kaseya" but the share name you've defined in the first of the two LAN Share text boxes is "Kaseya\Patches".  While that location might be valid, it does not explicitly match what that actual share name is.  If you change the share name on the File source page to "Kaseya" (so the field just reads \\resurssth1\kaseya") and then define the local path as "c:\share\Kaseya", the notification will be removed since the records in Audit will match with the file source configuration.  

    If you have not opened a ticket on this specific issue, I would encourage you to do so.  That notification is new in 6.3 and we can look into tweaking what triggers (and does not trigger) the notification when you are using a subfolder of a share (rather than the share itself).  The notification was designed to trigger when the data does not match, but there may be valid configurations (such as a defined subfolder of a share) that we may be able to account for.

  • Thank you, a hotfix has solved the issue :)

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