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KB2728973 Command Line Switches

  • FYI, it looks like the command line switches for patch KB2728973 are incorrect.  The patch installs without issue if the command line is changed to "/q /r:n" instead of "/quiet /norestart".

  • Thank you for the post!!!

  • How do you change the command line?  Is there some way of "editing" the patch entry within Kaseya, or are you manually downloading the file and creating an Install procedure yourself?

  • Navigate to Patch Management – Patch Parameters – Command Line, filer by “KB2728973” and replace the command line with “/q /r:n” without quotes.

  • Go to Patch Management and under Patch Parameters click on Command Line. Search for the patch and type in the changes in the New Switches box and apply the changes to the patch. Good luck.

  • Ahh... the problem was the Patch Parameters only appeared if I'm logged in as Master Administrator.  THERE it is---got it changed.  We'll test.


  • eperson,

    Can you provide the unique Update Identifier for the patch you updated?  If you click the hyperlinked KB number, you'll see the Update Identifier (Microsoft's unique patch ID) on the patch details page.  If you can copy/paste that here, or open a ticket and include that information, I can review the patch.  If a command line switch is needed, I can make the change from our side that will replicate down to all VSAs (rather than everyone needing to make the adjustment on their individual servers), but need that detail regarding the patch in order to do so.



  • Hi Brande,

    The UID on that patch is listed as:

    Update Identifier: {424b1b09-6916-4288-87fb-9ad738b622d7} - 100

    {e17c9e68-8d6d-4b8b-a1cf-27743aafefed} - 100

  • DNeuwir,

    Thank you for that detail.  I'm working on getting this addressed and will let you know once it's done.



  • All,

    The command line switches have been updated, and those changes should replicate to every VSA within the next 4 hours (based on a background process your KServer runs).  You may see these have already updated, but if you are still seeing the old switches, give it a few hours and re-check.  Once the switches have updated on your system, the patch should install successfully (barring any additional downstream issues).  Alternatively, you can manually set the switches as eperson mentioned to reflect the correct switch.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.