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Install new Windows Update software (halts patching)

  • I have been daily patching a bunch of machines and I've discovered a nuisance that apparently halts patching. Is there some patch that we need to approve or is there possibly a script that we could run? I'm pretty sure this is the culprit for keeping my fully patched numbers lower than they should be. Just wondering!

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  • and every machine that wasn't fully patched (that I was able to jump on)  has the same message. I've had these machines patching daily for weeks, and quite a bit of them are apparently getting stuck at this, therefore they are not patching.

  • Microsoft is slowly rolling out an update to the Windows Update Agent, similar to a controlled release.  Kaseya hasn't yet received this update, and we've been watching for it to be released in the wild so we can attempt to get it out to all customers as soon as possible.  If you can open a ticket and send me the ticket number, I'll touch base with you regarding this - we can review the data that's being returned by a few of your endpoints based on the patch scan to determine whether Kaseya can proactively make this patch available before MS full release.  That isn't to say that the update from Microsoft isn't "fully baked" - it is.  Rather, MS is just trying to prevent all systems from updating at the same time.  But if we can get sufficient data from the scan results of endpoints that are already reporting the need for this patch, we may be able to 'bump' Kaseya users to the front of the line to get this update.

  • CS111890

    Let me know what else you'd like me to retrieve and I will do it!

  • I'm surprised no one else has joined this thread. I guess you haven't realized you are affected yet! We are still in the process of finding a workaround to keep patches flowing to endpoints.

  • Procedure Update WUA.xml

    I am trying to do a manual update with this script;   still in testing mode;  anyone tried this yet ?

  • we typically patch twice a month...once for pilot and then once in third week of month...so I expect to be screwed soon...

  • We've had the same issue last month. I was the unfortunate person to install the updates for our customers and installed this update manually no the required servers(yes, it was a very long working sunday, and we didn't have to install it on all servers).

    @SLoeber70: I'll try to use your script tomorrow and let you know about the results. We still have some servers waiting for this WUA update.....

  • Just a note on this Update WUA script;

    It is downloading a file from the Kserver that was uploaded to a custom path by the author of this Agent Procedure and therefor will be of no use to you unless you find the same Windows Update Agent files and upload them to your Kserver.

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  • There is no standalone installer of the latest version of the Windows Update Agent (7.6.7600.256).

    Source: support.microsoft.com/.../946928

    I'm logging a ticket with Kaseya now hopefully we can get them to give us a solution very soon for this as this is a pretty big deal and could cause us to lose customers.

  • Great so I get the same message from the support team that Brande gave you guys 12days ago. In the meantime I have machines that are not going to get patched.

  • its been a sandcastle lately. i hope things get better soon. a lot of the core features are losing their sparkle.

  • Maybe they are gearing up for a new Kaseya module to deal with Patch Management :D

    Only $0.99 extra a month per agent :P

  • I've been looking into this a bit this week and have found one machine that has installed the latest Windows Update Agent automatically, and that's one of the servers we use as a source for other systems. There were 3 event19 messages, all stating something similar to "Installation Successful: Windows successfully installed the following update: Windows Update ActiveX", with the last word being different between the messages. After it installs the update it reboots, then continues with downloading updates.

    Other systems are then able to pull those updates and install them, but they do not get the Windows Update Agent updated.

    Still doing some testing, but thought i'd share my experience.

  • I, too, am finding that on a number of machines with Kaseya patch failures, they are in the "need to update Windows Update" state.  I haven't tried just updating Widnows Update, then leaving Kaseya to do the rest though--by the time I'm in Windows Update, I might as well just click Install.