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Scheduling Initial Update on Templates?

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Like many others out there, we've got several templates setup for our various different clients needs.

One of our clients has recently asked us to setup a "deployment" template where they can just image a machine, install Kaseya and have the rest automated.

I've been trying to find a method to have all the latest patches install automatically, the Initial Update feature would be perfect for our needs. However, it doesn't seem to give me the option to schedule initial update on a template. Is that by design, or do we have a problem?


If it is by design, is there a way around it, or is that a feature of another module we aren't using?


Along those same lines, I'd love to have KAV & KAM auto-install with pre-selected profiles. Although I admit I didn't even research the forum or help docs to see if a KAM or KAV install can be automated, but I can do that later & ask it in the appropriate forum if no one has an answer.  I'm thinking that the answer to my initial update issue will be the same answer to my KAM/KAV problem.


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  • Hi Joseph,

    Unfortunately you cannot schedule Initial Update in a template. The best you can do is schedule a script to send an email to someone asking them to schedule an initial update.

    I'm not sure about KAV and KAM. I know when I did it with KES it was a bit hit-and-miss, so again you might be better getting this initiated manually.