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Including the Error Log in Patch Failure Notification Emails, Running a script upon failure..

  • Okay, so we're managing several thousand different machines right now- and the amount of patch failures we're getting is excessive, to say the least.  Several of our clients (separated into Machine Groups) are set to use a local file repository for storing the patch installs, and several others do not...  Ideally, I would like Kaseya to push the patch installers out- but have the computers download the patches from the internet if the file transfer from the KServer fails.  (This is what we currently have set for most of our machine groups).  Then, I would like to have it delete the patch installers from the client machines after install- BUT ONLY if the installation is *successful*.  As it sits right now, it appears to be deleting the patch installers even when the patch fails to install- which means that I have to waste an ungodly number of hours going back and manually deploying the stupid installer files.

    *IF* the patch fails to install because the KServer isn't able to transfer the file to the client, AND the client machine isn't able to download the file from the internet- I want to know right away that that's WHY the patch failed.  If I see that 80 different machines have the same patch failure, I can then make a Procedure that'll push the file out and run the installer manually- and I can run it on all 80 machines at once.  Right now, since I have no indication as to why any of the patches are failing to install (other than when there's a credential failure), I basically have no choice but to babysit each client machine individually to resolve the failures.  At the current rate I'm going, I'll be about 90% done with this round of patch audits, when next month's patches come out, and I'm back to square one (700+ machines with failed patches).


    In a nutshell, here's what I need/want (and I'm pretty suire ALL of you will benefit from this immensely also):

    1) When a patch fails, grab the Log entries associated with it, and include them in the failed patch alert email.

    2) Leave the patch installation file on the machine if it fails to install

    3) If the installation file failed to copy to the machine, then attempt direct download from the internet.  If that fails, launch a Procedure that attempts to copy the file over.  Include a summary alert of what happened- so I know whether I can go ahead and launch the installer- or if I have to find another way to get the patch file onto the machine.



    I am pretty well capable of putting together some of the pieces that I need, but I need someone with more expertise in Kaseya to give me some direction here...



    Thanks a ton, in advance!

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    although I am not as advanced in Kaseya as I should be, I am willing to help put some things together.

  • Did anyone have any luck with this?

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