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Patch Update - Auto reboot?

  • Recently discovered "machine update" and "Patch Update" in patch management. Wish i noticed this feature earlier but anyway...

    When i did the "machine update" and fully patched a machine i noticed that it automatically restarted the computer without warning. Does it also do this for "patch update" (if i push out a single patch to many machines)?

  • It will depend upon what settings you have made in "Patch Management" - "Configure" - "Reboot Action" for the particular machine.

  • I usually set workstations to nag the user every 15 minutes until reboot. My servers reboot on Saturday nights after patching, or during scheduled maintenance windows.

    These are all set via a few overlay policies.

  • It should follow the configured reboot action but when i did the "machine update" it didn't follow that.

    I think the configured reboot action is only for the auto update.

  • The Reboot Action description says, "Specify how to reboot after applying new patches and updates. " Mine adhere to the settings I've made under "Reboot Action" whether I'm using "Machine Update" or scheduling Patch installs. If yours aren't then something else is going on and you may need support to help figure it out. The only exception I'm aware of is if you use "Initial Update as that description indicates, "Reboots are forced after each service pack and at the end of each patch group without warning."

  • Ya i see that too. Ill do some more testing and if its not working ill open a ticket with support.


  • etabush,

    Reboot Action does apply to Automatic Update, Patch Update, and Machine Update.  The Nag feature applies if a user is logged in, but will automatically reboot if no user is logged in.  KKB000893 goes into some detail regarding what actually occurs for each Reboot Action. Initial Update is an exception, which will reboot without warning, as many times as necessary, regardless of the Reboot Action configuration.  

  • I just tried fully patching some of our servers using the "machine update." We fully patched them (including the patches denied by patch policy). While they were patching they restarted automatically a few times and they were not even regular windows restarts, they were forced. Same thing happened on about 5 servers.

    I made sure the reboot action was set to "do no reboot." It doesnt seem like it was kaseya that did the restart because it wasnt a normal shutdown, maybe it was caused by some of the patches. Has anyone scene this before?