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What does Red writing on an orange background mean

  • Im having my first real problem with patching. i have logged a call with Kaseya and while they are tring to to help i dont believe they are headding down the right path . Pretty much the below patch doesn't go out on any machines purely based on the fact that that size is orange and red i believe this to be the actual issue.

    Support is currently blaming Microsoft and suggesting i take it up with them which seems crazy to me 



  • If you do find out Michael please let us know.  It's something that's mildly initrigued me but have never had the need to investigate.

    Not that it's any help to you but it would appear that this patch is installing OK on our system as I have only a couple of machines that are missing it but have lots of Office 2010 machines under maintenance.

  • It highlights based on "maxDownloadSize" -- a look at the actual patchDetails.asp file around line 76 will provide more details.

    You're seeing the "largesize" style

  • That's correct, it's just a warning so when you are doing research for your policies you can be aware. I have often heard many customers tend to treat any service pack - OS or Office as more of a 'project', as it has a higher potential impact, so they organise it separately from normal patching, same can be said for any large patch and this helps to identify that. Most seem to go ahead and allow all the others in the policy to keep everyone safe until they can get the Service Packs out the door under project.

    Here is the logic applied for reference:

    Between 40,000,000 bytes and 100,000,000 - mid-size - black text on pale yellow background

    Greater than 100,000,000 bytes - large-size - red text on bright yellow background

    These sizes are based on the 'max size' reported by Microsoft Update Catalog during a patch scan


    I'll get it added to the help files to make it easier to find. Smile

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  • But does the max size actually prevent the files from going out ? ie if i change the patchDetails.asp wil the files then go out. OR is the red/ orange thing just for display purposes ?

  • Right so this is where im at now

    if i set the files source to internet ONLY. This works

    If i set the files source first to pull from a server AND if it can't find it there then download it from the internet. This doesn't not work

    i of course would have thought that form the server then the internet would still work but it doesn't

    any thoughts ?

  • Hi Michael, what I can tell you, is that the files not downloading will have nothing to do with the size warning.

    If you're having trouble getting files from the FileSource route I'd say raise a ticket and have support help you troubleshoot each of the download steps to figure out where it's getting caught up.

  • i have logged a ticket but they seem to respond once a day which means it's takes a life time to get anywhere

    I logged the ticket 5 days ago

  • Hi Michael, PM me the ticket number and I'll find out what is going on, shouldn't take 5 days to get to the bottom of that.