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Bandwidth Throttle Setting

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Hello wise Kaseya users!

I have been spending the last couple of hours fine tuning our patch management system in an effort to 'try' and get it working more reliably. Great way to spend a Sunday!

One question I have, under the Check-In Control option there is a Bandwidth Throttle setting. I have set this to 9kByte/second for all our agents as per a nice post I found made by another Kaseya user, this seems to work quite OK.

Now I have all our agents set to pull patches from a cache source on our network. I was going to add to that the option to pull direct from the Internet if it cannot find the local server. But what I want to know, does the Bandwidth Throttle have any affect on the speed at which files are downloaded direct from the Internet?

If a user is working from home I don't neccessarily want to overload their local Internet connection with patching of our machines, however I would still like them to get patched.

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  • aswinn,

    At this time, patching does not have an option to throttle under the circumstances you describe.  Specifically, when you have the file source configured to download from the internet (whether that's directly or just as a result of the LAN share being unavailable), the patches will install using the Windows Update Agent (WUA.api).  Kaseya leverages this .api for the installations, and Microsoft has not publicly exposed any portion of that .api to support throttling.  To note, however, this install method is the same as if the user updated the patches on the local machine using Control Panel > Windows Updates.  Often times, patches installed via WUA will be smaller than their downloadable counterparts because WUA is able to negotiate the download of only those components within the patch that are necessary for the particular endpoint.  The distributable file, on the other hand, will contain all possible components, so the file size can be much larger.  This is often noticeable with service packs, which can top 1GB when using the distributable patch but might be only a few hundred MB when installing via WUA.