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Patch Rollback Not Available on Windows 7

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Is it only in my VSA, or is patch rollback not available on Windows Vista or 7 systems?  I only see patch rollbacks available for Windows XP machines.

I am opening a ticket, but I just wanted to check and see if this is a known issue.


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    For a patch to show within the Rollback page, Microsoft must code it to include the rollback functionality.  For some patches, they include a string within the coding of the patch that writes to a registry key.  If that is present, Kaseya will show the patch on the "Rollback" page.   If they do not build this into the patch, we cannot provide that rollback functionality.

    There are often times when you'll see a patch listed on the local machine within Add/Remove programs with the ability to uninstall, but that same patch doesn't show on Rollback.  This occurs when the program that actually performed the installation (usually Windows Installer) records its own uninstall string as part of the installation process.  The patch itself does not support rollback, but windows installer will 'remember' the breadcrumbs and create its own uninstall string.  Kaseya, however, cannot hook into these breadcrumbs.  Therefore, even if the patch is listed in add/remove, the patch itself was not coded to include an uninstall string and, therefore, Rollback will not be supported.  I've seen fewer and fewer patches support rollback - I don't know whether this is a specific, planned decision by Microsoft and their patch developers, or if it just 'seems' there are fewer that support rollback when the overall balance is the same.  

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  • Same here not one of the Windows Seven machines checking in has rollback ability.

  • Same here.  All the remaining XP systems have a long list of rollbacks but not one of the Windows 7 systems.  I might understand if some were not listed but none seems indicative of an issue.  Any ideas on how to fix?



  • As mentioned previously, this is wholly based on Microsoft's inclusion of the ability to "Rollback" within the patch itself.  There is a flag within the patch that is set IF Microsoft chooses to support rollback for that specific patch.  If Microsoft has not set this flag within the patch, it will not show on the Rollback page.  This doesn't have to do with the OS, specifically, but with the individual patches.  Microsoft has increasingly moved away from providing Rollback functionality in patches.  

  • I understand the explanation but I am unclear what Kaseya is going to do about it?  Microsoft made a change on how they rollback patches, you can't use the flag anymore, what is Kaseya doing to work with Microsoft's new approach and when can we can expect the Rollback feature working again?  Or is Kaseya content with supplying patch management sans patch remediation?   There is not one Windows 7 system in my environment that has a patch which can be rolled back.  Yet within the Rollback view, every agent has a working link despite having no rollbacks available.   If this is a dead feature for Windows 7 agents, at least assist your customers by disabling links for systems with no rollbacks available.  It simply creates false expectations, concerns there is a technical issue and then disgruntled customers when they learn it is worse than a technical issue with their system, it is a new deficiency in their tool with no positive outlook.

  • bump... I just noticed this today... XP/2003 can rollback... 7/2008+ there is nothing... clearly a change happened and the this feature needs to be updated.

    Is this something that will be fixed in the "Winter Release?"