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KB2633873 Bad Command Line

  • Is anyone else having a problem with the installation of patch KB2633873? The installation presents a prompt regarding bad command line switches on the machine and is reported as failed.

    I had the same issue with MS11-025.  In that case the command line switches in Kaseya were wrong.  Is KB2633873 the same?

    Thanks in advance.

  • You might want to check out the tweets from the Microsoft Security Response Team from yesterday, https://twitter.com/#!/msftsecresponse. There was a reported issue, and they took down the update for a while to test it more. This may have something to do with your errors. I hope this helps.

  • Kaseya: this is the update from MS:

    msftsecresponse Security Response

    We've addressed the glitch in MS12-016's detection logic; the bulletin is once again available for download and installation.

    Can you tell me if I need to do anything on my end to get it working?  Should I simply clear the download cache?  Does Kaseya need to update anything behind the scenes?


  • I just viewed the Microsoft February Security Bulletin webcast.  They noted that only KB2668562 had an issue and was modified.  There was no change in the other variations of MS12-016.

    I cleared my cache and attempted the install via Kaseya again.  The installation hangs, doesn't appear to do anything and eventually reports a failure after a long time.

    I noticed that the command line was set to "/q /norestart".  When you manually download the msu and run with the /? switch, the quiet mode switch is listed as "/quiet".  I manually changed the command line setting in Kaseya to "/quiet /norestart".

    After running the install again, it installed successfully. It looks like the Kaseya command line setting is incorrect.

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  • The switches for KB2633873 have been updated for two versions of the patch.  Servers should start seeing the updated command line switches within the next four hours.  However, if you're still seeing failures after the switches update, or if the switches are still causing failures, please open a ticket with support so that can be addressed.  It's possible that a version of the patch on your VSA is different than the versions we've been able to verify thus far.  

    I encourage you to open a ticket with support any time you see these types of failures.  There is information that we'd need to be able to gather from a VSA where the issue is occurring, and we need a ticket in order to do so.  When we can attribute installation failures to incorrect switches, we can resolve those issues pretty quickly and a ticket will give higher visibility to that than a post within the forums.  I'm certainly not discouraging the forum post, but if you also raise a ticket, we can get these addressed pretty fast once we can verify the issue and gather the needed info.