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Prompting users to install patches

  • One of our sites is prompting users before patches are installed. Its asking whether they want to install or continue working. Where do you turn this off?




  • Hey StevenCH,

    i didnt try it, but i found a place which looks like it could help.

    Go to Patch Management-->Automated Windows Update.

    Look if the third Option is marked. If yes look at the Drop-Down-Arrow and change it how you would like to have it.

    Hope it helps.



  • Hi Sander,

    Thanks for the reply

    Unfortunately its not that. It comes up as a Kaseya message with our icon on it. I know this option is somewhere in the configuration I have seen it before but I cant seem to find it now.


  • Hi Steven,

    Sounds like a pre-script. Check Patch management > pre/post procedures

  • Hi Josh,

    I had a look there too, the client has no pre/post procedures listed. I'll see if I can replicate it and I'll post a screenshot.



    This is message that appears


    That's definitely the pre patch update notification. Have a look through the procedure log for that machine and you should be able to see what procedure it's running when that pops up.

    Are you using KPM as it could be getting the settings from there though you should see them against the machine in the patch management screen anyway.

    Does your Pre/Post look like below which is the default blank version?  




  • Hi Alistair,

    Thanks for the reply

    Yes, the pre/post is blank and for the workstation in question it is set to <unassigned> for all 4.

    Here is an entry in the procedure log regarding the prompt


    I know there is setting for this somewhere, because we had it enabled for another client and they didnt like the constant prompting so we disabled it. I cant remember where that setting is now. Unless its something that was in v5 that is not visible in v6? But the setting is still enabled in the background? We did do the upgrade a year ago though.


  • The only times you see that statement is if the patch requires the end-user to be logged in for some reason or if the patch will require a CD in the drive, etc ... IE - it may ask the user for something ... all other patches should apply silently ...

  • Check Patch Alert.  You may have the endpoint(s) configured to run a script when new patches are discovered.  If that doesn't do it, please feel free to open a ticket with Kaseya Support and we'll look into your VSA procedures to determine where this alert is coming from.

    Thank you,