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Extend forced reboot time?

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During patch deployment a message appears notifying users that their systems will be rebooted in 60 minutes.  If they are AFK and do not see the notice their systems get restarted.


We would like to adjust this timer to 240 minutes rather than 60.


Is this possible?



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  • Check the settings under Patch Management > Configure > Reboot Action

  • There are a variety of options you can use for reboot action.  You can set the option to prompt the user to reboot every x minutes.  They will receive a pop-up nag ever five minutes (or whatever interval you have defined) until they finally click "Reboot Now".  If a user is NOT logged in, this option will allow the endpoint to reboot without the nag.  If a user IS logged in, even if they are away, the nag will continue until the user allows the reboot.  

    Alternatively, you could configure patch to reboot every day at a specific time after patching.  For example, if you run patching at, perhaps, 10pm, you could set the machine to reboot the following day at 5am.  This reboot will occur ONLY after patches have been scheduled for install.  If the endpoint did not have patches to install, the machine will not reboot.  The reboot will occur only at the first tick of 5am _after_ a patch installation has occured.  The actual reboot time is completely configurable; just be sure you allow sufficient time for any patching to occur.  Don't schedule updates at 10:45pm and then configure the reboot action to occur at 11pm after install.  Most patches don't take terribly long to install, but the process can take a while for larger patches OR when the endpoint has a lot of patches that need to be installed.  Taking that into consideration, you should be able to schedule the reboot to occur after a sufficient amount of time that should not disrupt most users.

    The option you're discussing doesn't support a longer lag time than 60 minutes at this time.  If you cannot accomplish your reboot action goal using some of the other options, please log a ticket with Kaseya Support so we can evaluate the request as a feature request for a future release.

    If you have questions about configuring reboot action to better suit your needs, please also open a ticket with support so we can address those and hopefully find a suitable option with the current suite of options.