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Schedule Initial Update via proceedure

  • Anyone know how I can initiate the initial update via a script?

    I know on the surface this looks like a bad idea, but I am building a "new system" production script, that I would like to run init update, upon completion, set security, install software, so on...

    I am thinking the hard part is not only going to be how to start it via script, but how to tell when it is done to continue with next step of the script.

    Worst case, I will schedule it to a template so it starts on agent install, then schedule the production script after, but 1. I am fearful of having the template installed by mistake and  it starting, and 2. I am trying to make it as automated as possible.

    Any ideas?

  • you'd best make a template agent which you use to deploy agents. You can schedule the initial update to the template agent.

    Why don't you setup the patching automatically? if setup automatically the agent will be updated through the week/month. It takes some more time as the initial update, but does not bother the user with reboots....