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No results in 'Patch Status' after successfull Patch Scan'

  • I am unable to get results to show in ‘Patch Status’ after successful ‘Patch Scan’ .  The ‘Patch Scan’ test passes and the procedure logs show no errors and does show that the patch scan completed successfully.

     This happens with a patch policy setup and with no patch policy setup.  The ‘File Source’ is set to ‘Download from Internet’ and  I have verified that each endpoint can reach Windows Update and shows the updates needed.  There is no GPO policy blocking Windows Update and the BITS service is enabled and working.

    I verified the endpoint can successfully reach the following web sites:

    ·         update.microsoft.com

    ·         download.microsoft.com

    ·         download.windowsupdate.com

    ·         www.windowsupdate.com

    ·         vsaupdate.kaseya.net

    In my attempts to resolve I have pre-installed the Windows Update Agent and turned on ‘Windows Automatic Update’ to ‘Notify user for download and installation’, but I still do not get any results to show under Patch Status after a successful ‘Patch Scan’.  All columns in ‘Patch Status’ show a minus sign for ‘Installed Patches’,’ Missing Approved’, ‘Missing Denied’, ‘Missing Manual’, ‘Pending Patches’, ‘User Not Ready’ and ‘Failed Patches’.  Only ‘Test Results’ show as ‘Passed’.   

    There a no Windows Event log errors or warnings and there are no Windows Update errors either. 

    I do not believe this is an issue with the Kaseya server because the ‘Patch Status’ is working correctly after a ‘Patch Scan’ and is showing correct data for several hundred other endpoints.   Anyone have any ideas on what must I do to get the ‘Patch Status’ to show the results of a successful ‘Patch Scan’?

  • Hi there,

    I'm seeing the same issue.  Did you ever find a solution for this?

  • On the affected endpoints, try deleting (or renaming, if you wish) the following files from the kworking directory and then run a new patch scan:




  • I was able to delete the patchscn.xml and ptchscn2.xml files, but could not locate ptchdlin.xml.

    Ran new patch scan, and still not showing patches - just minus sign as user indicated above.

    Is ptchdlin located in different directory?

  • "ptchdlin.xml", if it exists, should be in the same directory as the other two files. Other than suggesting you try and remove the agent, delete the kworking directory, and reinstall the agent, I've exhausted my limited supply of suggestions except for suggesting <gulp> a call to support.

  • JCopCo - It sounds like the patch scan is completing but rather than using the Primary Data Source, the scan is completing using the alternate data source.  Run a patch scan on the endpoint.  Once it completes, check the Agent Procedure log for an entry indicating something along the lines of "patch scan failed using the primary data source with error _______..."  The next entry will be an indication that patch scan completed using the Alternate data source.  If you see these entries in the Agent Procedure log, review KKB000781 for information regarding the primary and alternate data sources, troubleshooting tips, and some resources for researching the error code.  If you're unable to resolve the issue using these resources, please open a ticket so the issue can be investigated.