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Credentials and Patching

  • This is frustrating for me. I have a site with numerous identical machines (Hardware/OS etc..) but some machines patch with no issues and others fail on a constant basis.

    So I am curious as to how the majority have their patching set up.

    What account do you use in credentials, (do you use a Domain Admin account or a machine local admin account)?

    if you use a machine local admin account, what do you use on the server(s)?

    UNC patch to the Kaseya Patches on a Windows Server, what permissions do you set (some have suggested Everyone:Full but that makes a large security hole).?


  • did you run a Patch Status Test on the machines that has failed?

  • Yes all machines pass their cred tests.

  • If a patch fails due to incorrect credentials you will be notified.

    Common issues I find for patches that dont work...

    1. Incorrect command line switched by Kaseya (KB2538242 & KB2538243 is a recent example)

    2. Unlicensed software....Office or Windows Genuine Advantage failed.

    3. Machine needed a reboot.

    4. AVG / KES antivirus (this was causing windows 7 SP1 to fail on all workstations & servers)

    5. Space issue.

    6. Bad patch download (rare).