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How can I filter via Windows Automatic Update Configuration

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Hi Guys,


I have noticed some of the servers we have taken on with new clients have settings like User control. Settings: Automatically download and schedule installation every day at 3:00 am for windows update as people have not bothered to change it.


I am wondering if there is any way in kaseya to filter for this or does anyone know where its stored in SQL so i can run my own reporting services report?

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  • If you use the view vPatchConfiguration there are two fields you can use WinAutoUpdateSetting and also WinAutoUpdateConfig

    If WinAutoUpdateSetting = 0 then WinAutoUpdateConfig = Configure - various options

    If WinAutoUpdateSetting = 1 then WinAutoUpdateConfig = Disabled

    If WinAutoUpdateSetting = 2 then WinAutoUpdateConfig = User Control - various options