Does anyone else have an issue where one or more patches fail to install on the first installation attempt, but usually install correctly on the second or other subsequent attempts.  I see this most often with IE8 Cumulative patches. 

This past month in particular, I am having a lot of trouble with KB2482017.  It failed on the first attempt on a very high number of workstations. Running the install again installs the patch correctly most of the time, but not always.  There are many cases where I have logged on to the machine, ran Windows Update and it installs correctly. 

I have being seeing this more often lately with various patches, especially the need to log in to a machine to run Windows Update when a patch fails.  It is a bit frustrating as I am spending a significant amount of time trying to catch up with failed patch installs.  It really makes me question the effieciency of using Kaseya to patch machines.

I just wanted to see if this is a common issue or something isolated to my environment.

Thanks in advance.