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Patch Temp Folder Delete Failure

  • I am scratching my head wondering why temporary patch folders will not delete. The folders I am referring to are the ones that are named like (42ff64a48657b167c37d37).

    Here is what I know.

    • The problem seems to exist only on workstations.
    • The patch credential uses a local admin user (kuser) that has passed testing on the Set Credentials page
    • The File Source references a local LAN share.
    • Copy packages to temp directory on local drive with most free space is checked.
    • Delete package after install (from temp directory) is checked.
    • Download from Internet if machine is unable to connect to the file server is checked.
    • Windows Auto Update is Disabled.

    In some cases the folders have data within. In most the folders are empty. The folders that have data within typically cannot be deleted.

    Thoughts on what I might be doing wrong to have this happen?

    Thank you,

    Jamie Jensen

    Here is an image of the folders mentioned above.

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  • Try unselecting the "use drive with most free space" option, and reapply the credentials.

    Also I'm pretty sure that those folders are created at the time of install.

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