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Patches not recognized as missing

  • I've only started noticing this recently. It is affecting all groups of agents. Under Patch Status, the machines indicate a very low number of missing patches (or none at all). When at the machine, however, and manually running Microsoft Update, we've found that each machine is consistently above 10 missing patches. Using the policy in Kaseya, we've verified that the missing patches are Approved patches - but the agents are not reporting that the patches are missing. These are not manual patches. Any suggestions? We want the agent to accurately tell us, based on our approvals/denials - how many patches are missing at each machine.

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  • Sounds like something is missing when K does the patch scan. Maybe the whole log file isn't coming back to K and that's causing the missing patches.

    Do you have Patch Policies applied to your machines? If so, try removing a machine from the policies and running a full scan again on it to see if all the patches show up.

    Finally, you could try deleting the patch scanning files and .xml files from your agent's temporary directory. This would cause the patching system to regenerate these files again upon the next scan.

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