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  • We have Kaseya configured to apply workstation patches on the 20th of every month at most of our sites. The rest are set to install weekly. The problem we came across is that we had a number of patches that failed, so we went to the Machine Info page and went to Patch Mgmt tab and went to push the patches from there to fully patch the computer.

    The patches, which were mainly office patches, kept failing. After some troubleshooting we found the way to get this to work was to log onto the computer, upgrade from Windows Update to Microsoft Update and then apply the updates for Microsoft Update. Once that was done we could push the patches out successfully where they were failing before.

    This cannot be what needs done and I am certain that something in our setup or proceedures is wrong. As I am relatively new at working with Kaseya I am hoping that someone can give me some advice on this.

    Thank you.

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  • remeber pending approval == deny, and deny supercedes everything.

    I would start by double checking your membership approvals, and make sure that there is nothing conflicting. I'm not sure what you mean by "Failing", it's a term thrown loosely around here.

    If the patches are Manual updates, you'll need to script the installs of those.

    If none of the above apply, just go back and double check your membership approvals again, sometimes when adding a new machine they change for some reason.

    If none of that works let us know...

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