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Help Initial Update is Killing me

  • Ok, so I am new to Kaseya and have made the mistake of running PM initial update on my computer (luckly just mine).

    3 days later, over 20 reboots (while I am working), it still has not finished. It still says processing OS service packs under initial update, and even though the Agent log shows things happening, there seems to be no change to the Machine History in PM.

    My computer was only missing 11 patches and is still missing the same 11

    Any idea what I have done wrong (other than to use a production computer for testing PM).

    I have cancelled the initial update, but am not sure why it is causing me so much grief.

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  • Wow thats madness...

    First did you assign your box to specific membership group
    Next did you verify your approvals (this can be tricky and many folks around here have different methods)

    to double double check try running a windows update and see what patches you are missing and compair it to what kaseya says your missing (make sure you run a patch scan and join your computer to some form of membership).

    You can also check the "machine history" to see what was installed and when. Some patches dont show up untill another is installed...

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  • I never push out Service Packs via Kaseya as it can really cause havoc (especially if people are using the computer at the time). Sounds like your computer may be in a loop where a patch cannot install, K reboots your machine and tries the patch again, which fails again.

    Thirteentwenty definitely has it right with making sure you have Policies and your machine is a member of a policy.

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