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Scheduled Patch Scans and Offline Machines

  • Please forgive me if this is a duplicate post. I am trying to find some information. Let's say I schedule a machine to do a patch scan at a certain time and select the option to skip if the machine is offline. If the machine is offline, I understand that it will do the scan the next time the machine comes back online. What if it comes back online just in time for the next scheduled scan? Will it do the missed scan and then the next scheduled scan effectively scanning the machine twice? If that is the case, then I would assume that you are better off selecting the skip if the machine is offline option. The only problem I can think of is if the machine is consistently offline when the scan is scheduled as is common with laptops.

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  • If skip if offline option is selected then script or patch scan will not run for that time instance. It will run again at the next scheduled time if the system is online. Therefore if patch scans are scheduled for 9PM each day with skip if offline selected, the ystem will not be scanned for missing patches unless it is online at 9PM.

    I do not recommend using this option except for things that are not time sensitive and could have a major impact on the system performance. Imagine a hard drive defragmention script that was supposed to run at 12AM. If not set to skip if offline it will run the next time the system is online. This could be at *AM on Monday after they just got in the office for the day. Since the defragmention process may take a while and it ok to miss once in a while, it may be a great one to use the skip if offline option.

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