Has anyone had a problem with patches being installed even though they were not selected? Recently in June around the 21st we were processing patches within the Kaseya interface and found that even though Internet Explorer 8.0 was not selected, it still installed the application.

In addition to the previous problem, Internet Explorer 8.0 was removed from machines that had applications that were not compatible with it and the next week, patches were ran from the manual "Patch Update" section within Kaseya. We manually select all patches no mater what their state of approval is. With Internet Explorer 7, we had a similar problem and that is why we moved to the manual selection of patching through not only an approval process and auto patching but also through manual selection to test workstations within our bank environment.

Without going into great detail as to why we perform patches this way, my question is to see if their is a known or unknown flaw with the "Patch Update" script that is run through the Kaseya process using the Microsoft's XML file and if there may be a problem with the checks and balances that are used. Please Post any issues with the patching process or problems that may sound similar. Thanks.Confused

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