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Sharepoint Service Pack problems

  • My 2 cents - these really need to be set to "Manual Install" in Kaseya. Both SP1 and SP2 will install the binaries but don't attempt to run the post-install script that actually upgrades the databases. The end result, our client's sharepoint sites were dead in the water until we ran the "Sharepoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard".

    We have experienced the same symptoms with KB936988 and now KB953338.

    We can tell the post-upgrade script isn't running because C:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\12\logs\upgrade.log shows no activity.

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  • This is interesting... anyone else see this issue? I currently still have these patches sitting in pending.

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  • Patches are only marked as "manual" if the patch scan data we get from Microsoft does not contain an executable download link to install the patch, or if it contains multiple downloads. In most cases this is temporary while the Kaseya patch team search the Microsoft sites for a single-file executable version of the update.

    We do not have a process to globally blacklist patches because of installation issues. This would be tricky because these type of problems are often environment specific, but I would be interested to hear if others have experienced similar problems with these patches? Also is there any Microsoft documentaion of the problem?

    You can of course block the installation of any patch using the approval policies.

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  • We appear to have the same issue with 2 of our SBS 2008 servers. Both servers have started with the following errors in the event log since the update KB953338:
    23:18:17 8-May-09  MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE  (2)  33002  Administrator  

    23:18:17 8-May-09 Windows SharePoint Services 3 Database 5586 N/A
    Unknown SQL Exception 33002 occured. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. Access to module dbo.proc_getObjectsByClass is blocked because the signature is not valid.

    My research from here also shows that running the "Sharepoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard" resolves the issue.

    The problem for us is that Backup Exec 12.5 fails on the backup of Sharepoint because it cannot access the Sharepoint information (has done this on both servers with the same backup errors).

    Many thanks for the info stevenhart, will have to give the wizard a try. Incidentally, I cannot find an upgrade.log on either server?

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