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Microsoft update direct download links....

  • I have been trying to script the updates that are listed as Manual. There's 3 ways I have found to do this.

    1. Pre-download the patch, and script to copy to the machine and install
    2. Script to directly download the patch from microsoft.com and install
    3. Script to tell Windows Update to download the patch and install

    1 is not a very good option. More management, storage space, etc. Does not fit my bill. 3 requires third party software, from what i can tell.

    2 would be best, but for the life of me i cannot find direct download links. All the microsoft download links has /.asp? and the download fails in a getURL Kaseya script. Is there a way to determine the direct link that i have missed? I have seen scripts in this forum that have direct links, how were those found?

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  • what is the .ASP link you are trying to paste in? Can you post it please?

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  • I use firefox and when the download box comes up you can right click on the file and select 'copy download location'.

    This will provide a direct link to the file.

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