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  • Good Morning

    I have an issue with the Patch Status of all the machines in my agent groups.

    If they show a patch is required, then I can schedule it to install this patch. When the patch installs the notification/alert for that patch is removed from that machines status.

    However, if the patch installation fails or states that it needs to be installed manually, then I can still install the patch manually, but the patch status stays the same for the machine.

    So I need to know how to get Kaseya to acknowledge the manual patch installations that I have been completing.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards


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  • Cliff,

    Was another Patch Scan completed after the manual installation? That shoudl clear-up the Missing column. But I think that it *may* still show a count in the Failed column, if you originally tried to deply via Kasey and it Failed.


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