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Patch Management classification confusion

  • Im trying to get my head around this...

    Basically, in Kaseya, if the update classification says "High Priority", that would equate to what one might likely see if he/she went to the Windows Update site and just hit "Express (recommended)" to get updates?

    I understand that pending patches on Windows Update and pending patches on Kaseya will not necessarily match, but Im trying to define which Kaseya categories map to Windows Update.

    So, if I select Approval for "Security Update - Low (High Priority)" in Kaseya, chances are my machines would more closely match what Windows Update tells me is pending?

    Ive read the Help file, Ive checked the forums. Im still unclear how to equate Kaseya to Windows Update.

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  • Not sure if anyone ever answered your question but sense I was just asked the same thing and was looking for confirmation it is anything labeled as (High Priority) in Kaseya.

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