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reboot pending

  • Firstly, I know this has been discussed fairly well in the past but I couldn't find an answer to my problem in previous posts.

    We're using the patch management module and for key servers have configured it not to reboot automatically, but to notify us by email.

    The problem is that when we do get around to rebooting the system, it never recognizes it as such. I installed a small handful of patches last night to one system, and have since rebooted 4 times. It still says 'reboot pending' in the patch status screen, and alongside those same patches in the machine update screen.

    What gives? How can I convince Kaseya that I really did reboot my system?


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  • scratch that - I did find the answer. It appears that the patches are actually not installing at all - they fail, and it retries after reboot which means they're stuck in a loop.

    I'll have to try and troubleshoot why all these patches aren't installing. Any pointers appreciated (they are definitely downloading to the temp dir okay)


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