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Kaseya Manual Patches - Can they be automated?

  • Does anyone have a workaround for having to install the Kaseya "Manual Patches" by hand?  As we all know, this can be very time consuming.  Am I right remembering that WSUS can automate virtually any MS patch?  If so, what mechanism does Microsoft use that Kaseya can't?

  • For some reason I'm getting failures on certain patches, mostly service packs, in addition to the manual patches like the Malicious Software Removal tool. I'm very new to Kaseya, so this may not be the best way, but I wrote a procedure that downloads the patch to the working directory, executes it, then deletes it. It's worked pretty well so far. I even made a check for 64/32 bit to install the correct patch. After I created one, it was easy to make a copy of it and modify the name of the file and the URL for the download.

    That said, since I just started using Kaseya, I only have this installed on existing clients' computers that I already had up to date with other methods. It remains to be seen how time consuming this will be when I start adding machines that are completely out of date.

  • I make a script to do the install... script aka procedure. Then schedule a time for the push...