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  • I am setting up a PC on the local lan to handle patches for the network.
    I have set the path, etc. for this and some files are placed in the correct folder.
    My question is... what should I see? I have it pulling updates from the internet so should it
    instantly start filling up with all the patches or only when they are called upon?
    Should only new patches show up?
    One of the files is mssecure.xml which appears to have a list of patches.


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  • When the patch process starts it will schedule a job on the system with the share. This job will download the proper patches, if they don't already exist, and then schedule the installation of the patches on the system that needs them. This way the local share only holds current and previously deployed patches for the site. This avoids needing several GB of disc space and you can delete the contents of the share and know you'll only be downloading new patches to be deployed.

    BTW, the mssecure.xml is the patch database, it's used by Kaseya agents during the patch scan process to determine what patches are installed and need to be installed. It'sstored in the patch directory so it doesn't have to be directly downloaded to each agent. It was downloaded to each agent prior to 4.7, I think.

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  • OK, so I did an intial update last night on a few computers, shouldn't there be files in my network share for patch management? I have none, and a computer that cannot access the internet for some reason, but I can get to it.

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