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Software Management v Patch Management

  • Oscar,

    Sidney S. is a tremendous resource and he has posted the report as well as a revision for Software Management on AE.  As a Saas customer, I am at the mercy of the team to correct actionable items, and with that said, they do need to happen with a greater urgency that is currently happening.

    We are currently working with Jacques and his team to correct several DB issues that were discovered.  The sense of urgency exhibited by Andrei, should be an example of support all around and not when there is a "fire" with an account.

    Please take my comments as constructive and not critical.


  • Oscar, we desperately need a fix in regards to controlling when the system pushes out the updates. I'm not referring to installing the patch, but the fact that it sends out the patches to the machines to stage the patch. From what I gather, it is not related to any deployment window and continues through the overnight hours until it's finished. This brings our entire operation to a halt.

    I appreciate the efforts in improvements, but please fix it enough that it doesn't break the entire system.

  • Sorry for the multiple posts. I think I was having bandwidth issues since my software management was pushing out updates.

  • Do you have a ticket open for this?  I would like to learn more about the behavior you are experiencing.

  • - Just to put things in perspective here. Does Kaseya use Software Management to patch their systems or does it plan to? I can only guess that answer is 'no' and that says it all for me.

    And if you do use it, which might be an option as you don't really suffer much from not being able to report on it or being held accountable for it, I just wonder how that's going for you.

    Software Management has been tested 3 times in the past 2 or 3 years by us and despite all the things that have been added it's still a product anyone with thousands of machines to patch won't and can't appreciate. Defending this is noble and I guess the score I would give it in our situation has gone from 2 out of 10 to maybe 4 out of 10. Even if it's twice as good, it's still really poor and that's being generous...

  • With patch management we use policies and our process is as follows.....

    New patches are approved for the policy Internal Test first (Test machines on our network)

    If there are no problems there, they are subsequently released to Internal (All internal machines)

    Next they roll to Client Test

    Ultimately they are released to all Client machines

    Status of patching is reported monthly to our clients within the Executive summary report.

    IMO this is a simple and reliable process.  I have seen no way in Software Management to do anything even similar.

  • I agree 100% for this.  We also have 8k machines.  And it's simply unusable despite improvements.   Even if we wanted to use it, and the bandwidth issues didn't persist - we have been waiting on parity options with PM for over 1.5 years.   We've met in person with developers and product managers.  We actively give feedback.  The timeline on getting this to a usable product so far makes me believe it will not be usable before you abandon this and end up acquiring something else.

    And at this point i guess i don't really need to post more about this -- i believe you and the product managers are aware of all the issues and are aware of the lack of parity to patch management. You've sat down with us, with other customers, you have plenty of feedback on this post and other forum posts.

    What we need from you all next is deadlines that match our urgency and promises and resources dedicated by Kaseya to meet those deadlines. The rest is just talking in circles about the same thing. I would love to have someone tell me that you're committed to making this usable to large clients and that you're rolling out a series of fixes that address all our concerns by May (Before Connect) but that's on Kaseya.

    added two paragraphs.
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  • Internally at Kaseya our IT team utilizes software management for patch/third party management.

    On my personal VSA server I utilize Legacy Patch Management and Software Management which I systematically separate to observe behaviors and delivery between the two modules and the endpoints I manage.

  • - couldn't agree more.

    - That's good to hear, taking your own medicine, nice. But, from here on in it gets a lttle tricky, why is it you are able to do this and any other reasonably large customers aren't? You must know the answers, so that should suggest actions to take. That has taken Kaseya at least 2 years until now, which is slightly disappointing. :-(

    Defending it is noble but not realistic, pointing to all that's made better can't hide it's still poor. There is no excuse for this state of affairs, period. Fix it and let's move on....